Tiers of Friendship

1/2/2016 (started again in 2/15/2016)

Finished my dinner meal with my family: steak for my brother and I and stuffed potatoes for my parents. Hope your Christmas Eve is as good as mine.

On to matters of more seriousness and thought! As anyone will tell you, people will either have best friends, just friends, acquaintances, and enemies. Progressively, people get a better understanding of how to make friends and who should be that friend. This processes of continued thinking is just one way children become more “mature” throughout their lifetime. Yet, placing people into groups isn’t just defined to someone personally.

Every since societal “groups” have been established, there were specific hierarchical rankings between the sexes and in each sex. The dominant beings would be near/at the top, yet their numbers will always be in less frequent numbers than seen in the lower class. Nature also perceives this kind of idea (for the exchange of energy would be less as the predator/prey triangle nears the top) and humans have capitalized upon it mentally. So instead of seeing others as sources of energy, people would much rather rank each other according to their power in certain areas (generally involving money or monetary value, but can also be social status, intelligence, worth in a certain group, etc.)

The idea of maturing ensures that as a person grows, they will further understand the ideas of this and be further implemented into more groups and categorized more often. In this way, evolution (or whatever it is you may believe) really surpassed itself. Social classes ensure that people will always want to “belong” somewhere and follow the rules that are unwritten, but universally understood.

Yet, the introduction of thought has also isolated people who may feel they need to be alone in order to accomplish their work, as not many would understand or support what they do. Many geniuses and well-respected people have come from this, yet so have many other bad people. In its own way, belonging with something allows for happiness, but not too much room to explore unseen boundaries. Being alone comes with that price, loneliness, as well as a detached view of what should and should not be pursued.

Thus, our classes and what we say our groups are define us (as so many other things do) and there we can find our friends and foes. Wars have been fought over one issue that seem silly to some, but serious to those involved (mainly religious). So, when we find our friends, we also look for ourselves in other people. After all, the best person that you know is yourself.


Regret, Loss, and Hope

Probably won’t be able to post something tomorrow because of life (darn it life, why you always in the way?) so, yeah. Anyway, regret, loss, and hope.

These are (what I believe to be) the primary emotions for controlling your decisions because they are felt throughout life. Regret is past, loss is present, and hope is the future. You’ll feel regret about things you wish you could change (that girlfriend, am I right? *wink* *wink* *nudge* *nudge*) about your past and loss is what you’ll feel before and right now if something of that nature would happen to you. Hope is not as bad, but can be and this is present and future, what with you hoping for something in the future.

Now, anger and sadness are competing for that number one spot as well, but they are not normally long-term and pass in 1 hour-1 week. Regret will only repair with understanding and time. Loss is also that, but that can actually be detrimental to your health as it can lead to depression and thoughts of suicide. That is repaired with happy moments and also time. Hope, is not normally bad. It led George Washington and his troops into battle as well as many of the famous battles everywhere else in the world. Hope is only bad in the case your hope about something doesn’t come true. Think about it like a thermometer. When you’re hopeful, your happiness goes up a little above that neutral line. But when it proves false, it can go much farther down the neutral line than up. When this happens, you feel as though your hopes were crushed (unless you don’t care or are used to it) and want to cry. Many emotions will lead into each other.

I’ll do a sort-of range for the emotions starting with happiness.

Happy-ok-neutral-bored-slightly sad-sad-crying-angry at tears-calming down-calm but annoyed-pissed-angry

Its not easy making a range that only goes straight, as emotions will branch off into others and are complex.


My Demented Love Triangle

*sigh* Informant, why you do dis to me?

Well, they really want me to talk about it. So, for privacy purposes, I will call one A and one B.

I have met A first and loved A for a year and A loves me back, but I then met B and liked B a little. A has admitted that A might not like me in the next year but I’m sticking still with A because of chivalry, but my many friends want me to be with B because they think we will be a cute couple. The ratio is A:65 and B:35 for how my love is split, but there is 1 or 2 other people I kinda like/fancy. My hormones are weird, so I will always stay objective and never let my feeling overwhelm me unless something happens too suddenly or gradually for me to stop.

Well there, informant, are ya happy?


Lives and Life Simulations

Here’s an interesting topic, your life. Wanna hear a joke, your life! (jk) All stupid life jokes aside, this is one I have been thinking about for awhile.

A single life is similar to a Sim, you tell it to do something, and it affects what is feels and how others feel. This is the twist, real life decisions can be weighed and you will know what the outcome will be after that. Not catching up to what I just said? I’ll explain it in detail.

Say that your goal (currently) is to get to that cookie jar. Your parents and brother are in the way and you know them very well. You need to do/say stuff in order to get them out of the way. First off, your brother. He is a real jerk and won’t listen to what you say, but he will take bribes and gets distracted easily. Also, your parents. Your dad smokes at 20 minutes intervals and usually take 5 minutes outsides while doing his stuff. Also, he doesn’t move much from his workplace and gets coffee or helps your mother with stuff sometimes. Your mother is always busy with talking to her parents, reading the news, and housework/watching you. This is just the basics of what you know and most of your knowledge will be in your head from the whatever amount of years you’ve lived with them. Imagine a sort of +1 above the person’s head when they gain something (like ego, time, happiness, or annoyance) and that every person has a meter when they hit critical for each of gains.

Watching what they do is key. Your brother approaches you with something annoying to say. You could (these are just some decisions), A: Tell him to do his homework (he will start yelling for you to and try to hide, this will alert your parents but get him out of the way and boost your ego) B: Tell him your mom needs something (this will get rid of your brother, but he will know as soon as something is up and run to get you, you will only have 10 minutes after saying this to get the cookies!) or C: Give him a treat (this will get rid of him, but your self-esteem/ego will take a blow. Know yourself well, can you do this and feel fine?)

You now must choose and, for all demonstration and time purposes, you choose a choice that gets rid of him. Now, your parents. Choose one, and for this explanation, I choose dad. You could, A: Ask for homework help (this will increase your smarts, but lower your ego and time) B: Wait it out (you know that in 2 minutes, he will go outside to smoke but you’ll only have 5 minutes) or C: Go now before he notices (he will stay in that one room, but he might discover you when he goes out and that will make you lose your chance and essentially lose the “game”)

You now must choose and, for all demonstration and time purposes, you choose a choice that gets rid of him. Your mother will be the hardest to get rid of. Your could, A: Run for it (you might make it, but she might come out and notice you and that will increase her rage and annoyance “meter” and you’ll lose the chance and thus the “game”) B: Tell her you broke something (you will get rid of her, but increase your stupidity, sexism, and have only 3 minutes) or C: Tell her you want a cookie (This is a chance, you know its snack time, but she might not do it. If she doesn’t, that’ll increase her alertness, suspicion, anger, and annoyance “meter” and you’ll lose the “game”)

You now must choose and, for all demonstration and time purposes, you choose a choice that gets rid of her. Now you have reached your goal! Yet, life is not that simple, if you were discovered, you still have a chance (unless you blew it completely) but their “meters” for things like suspicion and alertness will increase. Also, you need to escape and plan other things. This is where your brain comes in. Its will plan them subconsciously (if you train it) and parts of them will form when you need them. I find I always will have an excuse handy even for the toughest of situations.

This idea came to me while playing my favorite game, TF2. I was attacking and I had gained some health and saw a +100 come up. I was thinking at the time about the complexity of life and that +100 combined with it. Thus, this article was born.


Live, Love, Life, Laughter, but Mainly Love

Hello again reader (or newly arrived cadet to my blog), today’s interesting topic is, love?

I must be reading this wrongly, L   O   V   E, nope, its love. Ah, (thanks informant and spy who shall remain nameless) so, this is a very touchy subject. Love is widely believed by scientists to be chemical reactions and neurons sending information at a highly fast speed. Well, most people and some scientists will agree its just magic, well, until we know better. This is a dumb answer, but, its not wrong (yet) because no one knows how one actually loves someone or why people do it. Some speculate its because of an evolutionary trait in which it helped choose mates. Others say its because our body/brain will see a match in someone else (or thing, there have been reports of people marrying objects, such as Erika La Tour Eiffel who has loved objects before) and will like them for that trait or physical characteristic. Whatever the reason, love is interesting and nice to experience for the first (and other) times. Well, its nice to feel the hormones at any rate. Dopamine (stimulates feelings of reward and desire for it) and serotonin (helps regulate mood and without it you get Depression) are the main chemicals you get when you have that “love at first sight” or “the one” moment.

Without love, life would be pretty boring. Girls would still have cooties and boys would just, well, hangout only with boys. Love takes up a larger part of life than most people realize. The average women will kiss 15 men, have 2 long-term relationships, and have their heart broken twice. Males will have 6 times where the date lasts a night and will have 4 disaster dates and that’s not all that will happen, its just too long to list. (look here for more, http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2532213/No-one-said-finding-The-One-easy-The-average-women-kiss-FIFTEEN-men-enjoy-TWO-long-term-relationships-heart-broken-TWICE.html)

Your friends will be the ones who make you laugh the most and they are the first ones you will meet before that fabled date. Eventually, the cycle of life will drag you down and force you to find “the one.” Wow, that sounded like its going to be horrible.

Laughter will exercise your abdominal muscles and boost your self-esteem and self-worth a lot. The sad truth is that in around the 1970s, the average teen would laugh a total of 18 minutes a day, but now they laugh for about 6 minutes a day. These facts are making me un-laugh, so here is a joke to rip those muscles and give you a 6-pack.

I was coming back from visiting my son in my Miami and I stopped at a rest stop to use the bathroom. I just sat down on the toilet when I heard a voice coming from the stall next to mine, “Hey! How’s it going?” Although I was quite surprised, and I wasn’t in the habit of conversing to the people next to me in the stall, I nevertheless answered him, “I’m fine” I said “thanks for asking.” “What are you doing?” Asked the same voice. To be honest I was a bit taken aback by the brazenness of this fellow, but I would never ignore anyone so I calmly answered, “I’m releaving myself.” Then I heard the same voice again, “I’m going to have to call you back, some smart-aleck is answering all of my questions.”

If that didn’t make you laugh, here’s one that…probably won’t make you laugh,

Q: Why’d the duck cross the road? A: Because it was taped to the turkey! (courtesy of a math teacher’s joke book)


PUPIL – “Would you punish me for something I didn’t do?” TEACHER – “Of course not.” PUPIL – “Good, because I haven`t done my homework.”


Mayday, Mayday, We’re Going Down!

Yeah, I’m too impatient. Sorry people who actually like my blog, I want to write something (here I am) and too impatient to wait.

So, ducks, ducks, ducks. Topic for ducks. Well, they have these things called beaks that help them breathe and eat and, I’m bored already. Psychology it is! It is a lot easier for someone to read emotions than you would think. You already do it subconsciously (by interpreting it and then reacting by either doing something with your body or deciding what to say), but it is possible to take it a step further. If you know someone well enough, it is actually possible to guess what someone is about to do or say next. Now, this may sound either really stupid or ridiculous, but this will work. I’ve had my friend as witness when I had guessed every word that my History teacher would say and wanted to say. (* means I guessed the word quietly, like when my teacher says “then the African Americans fought for their freedom *extensively* ” or “Ok, now, * tell the difference between the 2 world wars* with explanations”

What the person says or does before doing something can help you in predicting what is next. For example, in karate, you might notice that a certain person’s arm muscle twitches when they prepare to take back their arm and kick. Or that your best friend’s voice rises the tiniest bit when they are about to confront you with information or ask you something. This is not actually an impressive skill (though people will think so) because all you have to do is be in the moment. Just make sure you aren’t a weird stalker who wants to know everything about a certain person. (Why? That’s just, why?) By “in the moment” just make friends and be nice, that’s all anyone ever asks of anyone. (suddenly I’m brought back to my 5th grade class about DARE and bullying) Now here’s my rant, (skip to next paragraph if you don’t wanna hear a person ranting, duh) why can’t anyone just get along? I know there are the world’s crazies, but some people just act stupidly.

Wow, that was a short rant (my temper is just about nonexistent). So, now what? I’m not just going to stare at my screen (4th wall break) and wait or think of an idea to suddenly come to me. I’m just kinda typing this to stall, just a little bit. Ok (the origin of this word is amazing, it was mainly used now because this was president Van Buren’s slogan for his re-election), continuing on the first topic, I had once said everything that my friend was going to say and we said it at the same time. This was a shock to me because I wasn’t even thinking about it yet I did it, so that might be a subconscious thing.  Prediction is an interesting part of society. Ever since humans have developed a language, we have been social creatures. This had in-turn made us rely on talking as the main source of communication. Now we don’t talk much, but text, e-mail, or blog away to our friends/family/or enemies. Still, that trait of socialization had transformed us, we now had changed out bodies to communicate better.

What!?! What’re you talking about? (Go to letter A- if you’re really religious and/or disbelieve in evolution, go to letter B- if you believe in evolution and read both if you don’t care)

A- Nevermind, we always talked since we’ve been on Earth.

B- Ok, ok, by “change our body”, I meant that before, we were primates, but the next primates/humans who talked had different vocal cords.

So, now that explanation is over, expectation was a real science at one point. Ivan Pavlov, another psychologist, worked on many things, but was especially famous for his research on dogs. Called Palov’s drooling dogs, his research was on the “conditioned reflex” (a reflex that has been built up by repeatedly doing something) for the salivary glands on dogs. He would ring a bell at a certain point of time and some food would come. He did this many times and he would ring the bell and check to see if they produced saliva. At one point, he would ring the bell and the dogs immediately produce saliva, yet no food came. This is the equivalent of knowing the time when you usual eat and at that time start drooling or smelling food and drooling. So, there is an actual science to expectation (and a whole lot of things) yet I do not believe that there had been much research done on this particular area. I’m not angry or annoyed at this fact, for the government has better ways to spend tax dollars than on expecting something, but I’m just commenting how this is an interesting trait.

How exactly do you develop this? Well, this requires: time, patience, motivation, willingness, and a smart/quick brain. Procedure: 1. Take brain and place inside head 2. Think about what you want to predict (Ex: Does Bobby Bob Jr say similar things?) 3. Check to see if that is actually predictable and not just random (Ex: Yes he does) 4. Start off by just observing (Ex: Nice glasses) 5. What does do they/it do? (Ex: Uses big annoying words, talks loudly, obnoxious, eats snacks during class and drops all the crumbs on my desk) 6. Try to do it/predict it (Ex: Will eat garlic sandwich at 7 am, will make a speech on bread at 8 am when the teacher ask for quiet) 7. Try, try again (Ex: Ugh, really?) 8. Success! (Or failure? If so, go to steps 4-7)

Well, that seemed like a perfect way to creep someone out or stalk them, but I’m sure you would already know this if you do, right? (Or did I just hand tools to someone?) Ok, final words, don’t be creepy/weird.


(PS- I wanted to use the same ending, so I looked at my other post and I accidentally closed this draft. Thank GOD (or whoever you like) for backups.

We have liftoff!

FYI: I will mainly be philosophical in my entries for this new-fangled doohicky.

Hello world and everything/one who is currently looking at my blog. (or is this a post) I’m quite new at this and will probably fall down a lot in order to learn how to “walk” and how my face hitting the ground at 9.8 meters per second squared will hurt every single time. (though if this happens to you you would probably start feeling the pain a lot less and develop a sort-of callus on your face/nose)

Hey, pressing this button that says “Enter” gives me more space! Just kidding, I know how to use a computer and how it works, though any of my friends would help you more. Now, what to talk about as my first blog? Of course, I would want to attract people and their likes (though that’s not the real reason I started, and would tell you only at the end of my bloggingness), but I’m not willing to drone on about a topic. I want to be like those teachers who are interactive, fun, happy, and easy to like. (If you have no idea about what I’m talking about, either educate yourself, get the baby off your keyboard, go to a better school, or stop reading. Your choice.) So, what do we all like? OF COURSE its math!

Now I know what most of you are thinking, or I’m just pulling this out my, oh yeah this is “G” rated. Out my, er, um, eh, hmm, …out my travels, yeah, that’ll do, cause traveling will tell you this. (no it won’t) “Hey, that wasn’t my favorite subject!”, the child/teen/adult/alien/object objects! Well, this is my blog, so of course you will influence how it goes.

For my very first one, I will just ask you, loyal reader/procrastinator who has stuck with me so far, for a topic of your choice. (Can’t be inappropriate, stupid ideas are fine) Because there won’t be many people reading this, I will just take any ideas and write about them. If you want answers or help with homework or life, feel free to ask. (no one is going to see this though because its at the end, whoops) Just make sure to comment below this stuff and tell me if you want a short or long answer/blog about a topic.

Ta-ta! (Oh, and to whoever that can guess what I love doing most, I’ll give you the satisfaction of getting it right)

PS – I’m anonymous.